The Journal of the Society for Post-Critical and Personalist Studies

CONTENTS OF VOL. 5, 2004-5

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No. 1, March 2004
D. Britton, R. Brownhill, Jere Moorman Appreciations of Drusilla Scott and Robin Hodgkin
Hans Popper Gabriel Marcel's Essai de Philosophie Concrète in its historical setting
Sheldon Richmond What we can learn from Polanyi about the computational theory of mind
Giorgio Baruchello and Wendy Hamblet What is cruelty? A discussion
Critical Notice:
Jan Olof Bengtsson
Personalism: A living philosophy?
No. 2, October 2004
R J Brownhill Organising experience and making judgments
Tony Clark Polanyi among the theologians
C P Goodman Human excellence
David Britton Poetic inspiration and metaphysical knowledge
Wendy Hamblet &
Giorgio Baruchello
Is violence always cruel?
R T Allen Towards chiro-philosophy
No. 3, March 2005
Hans Popper Interpreting Hannah Arendt's The Human Condition
Gerhard Gl├╝ck Ludwik Fleck's ideas in science compared to similar concepts of Michael Polanyi
Yu Zhenhua A critique of Rorty's conception of knowledge in the perspective of the theory of tacit knowing
Wendy Hamblet To being or not to being? That is the question for ethics
Discussion on Cruelty: 1 Colin D. Pearce Pursuing virtue and expecting progress: Nietzsche and Lecky on the question of cruelty
2 Giorgio Baruchello and Wendy Hamblet Can existence be cruel?
3 Antonio Casado da Rocha How cruel is disease?
Other Discussion Papers:
Jere Moorman Neglecting the tacit dimension of knowledge may be hazardous to your business
Giorgio Baruchello Notes on pessimism
Book Reviews
Andrew Wellburn: Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy and the Crisis of Contemporary Culture
Mark Garnett: The Snake that Swallowed its Tail: Some Contradictions in Modern Liberalism
Eva Gabor (ed.): Selected Correspondence (1911-1946) of Karl Mannheim
No. 4, October 2005
Richard Gelwick and Richard Allen Tributes to Joan Crewdson
R. J. Brownhill Communal morality: an analysis based on Michael Polanyi's concept of interpersonal knowledge
Paul Tyson Western culture and 'the hypothesis of God'
Tomas Tatransky A dialogic constitution of the person and its ontological relevance
Richard Prust and Benjamin Huff On being responsible for acting irresponsibly
Giorgio Baruchello and Colin D. Pearce Cruelty and Nietzsche's drive to distinction
Book reviews
William T. Scott and Martin X. Moleski: Michael Polanyi: Scientist and Philosopher
Struan Jacobs and R.T. Allen (eds.): Emotion, Reason and Tradition: Essays on the Social, Political and Economic Thought of Michael Polanyi
Zoltan Balazs and Francis Dunlop (eds): Exploring the World of Human Practice: Readings in and about the Philosophy of Aurel Kolnai
Raymond Tallis: I Am: An Inquiry into First-Person Being

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