The Journal of the Society for Post-Critical and Personalist Studies

CONTENTS OF VOL. 4, 2002-3

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No. 1, March 2002
Klaus Allerbeck The republic of science revisited
Anna Castriota Neo-Fascism or Post-Fascism?
Richard Prust Being resolved, having identity and telling one's story
Gary Fuller Understanding persons by mental simulation
Mason Marshall The value of metaphysics for Borden Parker Bowne
Georg Neuweg On knowing and learning
No. 2, October 2002
Alan Ford The divided self of Modernism in the visual arts
R.J. Brownhill Lutheran freedom: the mature scientist as an ideal individual
C.P. Goodman Indwelling within language
R.C. Warren Personalist philosophy: A human resource
No. 3, March 2003
Tihamér Margitay Freedom, values and knowing: a radicalized interpretation of Polanyi’s philosophy
Jan Olof Bengtsson Spiritual personalism: Prospects and preconditions
Richard Prust Personality and pretence
Giorgio Baruchello Irony and its limits: An essay on Richard Rorty
R. J. Brownhill Michael Polanyi and the development of multiple realities and post modernism with special reference to psychotherapy
R.T. Allen Aurel Kolnai: Two reviews
No. 4, October 2003
Alan Ford Narcissism, aestheticism and Andy Warhol
Giorgio Baruchello The politics of cruelty: an essay on de Sade and Neitzsche
Wendy Hamblet The reasonableness of cruelty: an enquiry into wanton destructiveness
Konstantin S. Khroutski The Cosmist future of Personalism
Phil Mullins Michael Polanyi on Teilhard de Chardin

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