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CONTENTS OF VOL. 3, 2000-1

No. 1, March 2000
Reappraisal: Irving Babbitt
Michael D. Frederici Irving Babbitt and the ethical dimension of politics
Randall Auxier Creative or original? Babbitt and the temporal world
Jan Olof Bengtsson Irving Babbitt and personal individuality
R.T. Allen The Cognitive Functions of Emotion
Book Reviews
R.N. Nugayev Reconstruction of Mature Theory Change: A Theory-Change Model
Georg Hans Neuweg K├Ânnerschaft und implizites Wissen. Zur lehr-lerntheoretischen Bedeutung der Erkenntnis- und Wissenstheorie Michael Polanyis
Carlo Vinti Michael Polanyi: Conoscenza scientifica e immaginazione creativa
No. 2, October 2000
Wolfe Mays Turing and Polany on Minds and Machines
Philip van der Elst Is there no God? The implausibility of atheism
Book Reviews
Aurel Kolnai Political Memoirs
Harold Turner The Roots of Science
Mars Hill Audio Books Tacit Knowing, Truthful Knowing
No. 3, March 2001
Chris Goodman Polanyian epistemology: a critical summary
David Britton An introduction to Torrance's theology and a plea for Christian Platonism
Richard Hain Autonomy and euthanasia: an evidence-based approach
Book Reviews
Anna Makolkin The genealogy of our present moral decay
Heinrich Plesch Liberalism, Socialism and Christian Social Order
No. 4, October 2001
C. P. Goodman The free society: the Polanyian defence
Bob Brownhill Journeyman to master: the passing on of tacit knowledge
Konstantin S. Khroutski The Doctor of Tomorrow: physician, psychologist, philosopher
Jason Borenstein An account of expertise: Goldman, Polanyi and beyond
Giorgio Baruchello Nominalism & anti-representationalism in Hacking's The Social Construction of What?
Norman Wetherick The implausibility of theism: a reply to van der Elst
Book Reviews
R.E. Allinson A metaphysic for the future
Andreas Dorschel Rethinking prejudice
David Lamb The search for extra-terrestial intelligence: a philosophical enquiry
Richard Wilton Consciousness, Free Will, and the Explanation of Human Behaviour
Harold Turner Frames of Mind: A Public Philosophy for Religion and Cultures
Lee Congden Seeing Red: Hungarian Intellectuals in Exile and the Challenge of Communism

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