The Journal of the Society for Post-Critical and Personalist Studies

CONTENTS OF VOL. 2, 1998-9

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No. 1, March 1998
Aurel Kolnai Three riders of Apocalypse; Elements of a personalist conception of state and society; Jottings on personalism; On advising
Francis Dunlop Kolnai's 'Inchoate sketch of a theory of morality'
John Pollard Hittinger Kolnai and the metaphysics of political Conservatism
Georg Neuweg Self-reference and the loss of meaning
Paul Dean Leavis and Polanyi on meaning
Book Reviews
Dorothy Emmet Philosophers and Friends
Kevin Mott-Thornton Common Faith
No. 2 October 1998
Norman Wetherick Polanyi and psychology
Rbin Hodgkin The genesis of technology
Percy Hammond Technical knowledge
James Lund Philosophy and paideia: their history in relation to pragmatism
Matin X. Moleski Fuzzy logic: the beauty of unclear and indistinct ideas
Angela Botez Michael Polanyi and Lucian Blaga as philosophers of knowledge
Joseph Labia Subject and object
Book Reviews
J. Searle The Mystery of Consciousness
Collingwood Society Publications
No. 3 March 1999
Norman Sheppard Michael Polanyi and the philosophy of science: the view of a practising scientist
Julian W. Ward Idealism or realism? Polanyi's epistemology compared with that of Kant
Paul Dean Polanyi and the teaching of science
Chris Goodman Beyond nihilism
Harold Turner Oldham, Temple and Polanyi?
Book Review
ed. Marjorie Reeves Christian Thinking and Social Order
Daniel Shaw Reason and Feeling in Hume's Action Theory and Moral Philosophy
No. 4, October 1999
James Lund What are we to make of one another?
Percy Hammond Models of reality
R.J. Brownhill Polanyi and the development of qualitative research
Sue Watkinson Tacit knowledge and professional knowledge
Hans Popper The interpretation of literary texts
David Kettle On the primacy of indwelling
Book Reviews
R.T. Allen Beyond Liberalism: A Study of the Political Thought of F.A. Hayek and Michael Polanyi
(ed) D. Boucher and B. Haddock Collingwood Studies, Vol. V: Explorations
R.G. Collingwood Essay on Metaphysics; New Leviathan, Idea of History, Principles of History

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