The Journal of the Society for Post-Critical and Personalist Studies

CONTENTS OF VOL. 1, 1996-7

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No. 1, March 1996
Csaba Pléh Computers and psychology
Percy Hammond Polanyi, pure science & technology
Endre Nagy Polanyi & civil society
G.G. Constandache Towards a new metaphysics 1
Book Reviews
R.T. Allen The Structure of Value
Majorie Grene A Philosophical Testament
No. 2 October 1996
Philip Mooney Macmurray's notion of love for personal knowing
D.A.S. Fergusson Macmurray's philosophy of the family
Frank G. Kirkpatrick Love and power: What does Macmurray's notion of community have to say to the 'devices of politics' in the contemporary political order?
Paul Gee Beyond Buber: A reassessment of Buber's contribution to psycho-therapeutic thinking and an introduction to the thought of John Macmurray
G.G. Constandache Towards a new metaphysics 2
R.T. Allen Some notes on Polanyi's economics
Book Reviews
R.T. Allen Transcendence and Immanence in the Philosophy of Michael Polanyi and Christian Theism
Aurel Kolnai The Utopian Mind and Other Papers
No. 3 March 1997
Lucian Blaga Self-presentation; Selected extracts
Calina Mare Lucian Blaga: Types of truth
Angela Botez The essential category of space
Oltea Miscol The Metaphysical meaning of culture in Lucian Blaga's philosophy
Elena Gheorghe Lucian Blaga on man, art and values
Dana-Vactoria Savu Lucian Blaga and universal culture
G.G. Constandache Lucian Blaga and the metaphysics of computers
Martin X. Moleski A comparison of the epistemologies of John Henry Newman and Michael Polanyi, 1
Book Review
Joan Crewdson Christian Doctrine in the Light of Michael Polanyi's Theory of Knowledge
No. 4, October 1997
Martin X. Moleski A comparison of the epistemologies of John Henry Newman and Michael Polanyi, 2
Philip Mooney John Macmurray's notion of the person and the Triune God
Phil Mullins Michael Polanyi and J.H. Oldham
Philip Conford John Macmurray and Emmanuel Mounier: Personalist parallels
Chris Goodman Polanyi on Liberal neutrality
Phil Mullins More on Macmurray and Polanyi
Book Reviews
Michael Polanyi Society, Economic, Philosophy: Selected Articles
(ed) Richard Gelwick From Polanyi to the 21st Century
Supplementary Issue
Fundamental Beliefs and Presuppositions
Part 1
R.T. Allen On presuppositions and presupposing
Chris Goodman Wittgenstein and Polanyi on meaning
Martin X. Moleski Self-emptying knowledge: Michael Polanyi's vision of the moral foundatrions of scientific revolutions
John Preston Feyerabend's Polanyian turns
Part 2
Robert Brownhill Polanyi and interpretative frameworks
Peter Hicks Thomas Reid and Charles Hodge
Julian Ward Polanyi's ontological hierarchy

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