The Journal of the Society for Post-Critical and Personalist Studies


Please observe the following do's and don't's, which will make the Editor's task much easier (we have no secretarial help at all!)

    1 Send all articles as e-mail attachments.
    2. EITHER ask for a blank document formatted to the Appraisal style

    3. Open a new document, and remove all ALL paragraph styles, and then SAVE it as Rich Text Format (.rtf).
    4. Create the following paragraph styles and set Language to English (UK\British)
      BODY SINGLE: Times New Roman 11 point, Justified, single spacing, first line indent 0.4 cm from left margin, no lines before or after paragraph.
      To be used for all paragraphs (including headings) except the following:
      INDENT: Times New Roman 10 point, Justified, single spacing, indent 0.4 cm from Left and Right margins, half line before and after paragraph: use for longer quotations.
      NOTE: Times New Roman 10 point, Justified, single spacing, set Left tab at 0.5 cm from Left margin. To be used for footnotes and bibliography.
    5. Create numbered sub-headings, using BODY SINGLE, for use at about every 800-1000, and similar Level 3 headings if required headings.
    All sub-headings should be composed thus: 1Polanyi on tacit integration.
    6. Notes: all notes are to be footnotes.
      Indices are to be placed in the body of the text as ORDINARY TEXT and then made SUPERSCRIPT.
      The text of each note is to be composed in place at the end, using NOTE paragraph style thus: 1.[tab]See ...
      DO NOT USE 'THE CREATE FOOTNOTE' COMMANDS: notes created in that way cannot be reformatted to suit another style nor can be carried over to the Continuations Page when necessary.
    7. For emphases use ITALIC and not BOLD (except for emphases within emphases) nor UNDERLINE.
    8. For quotations use SINGLE CURLY QUOTATION MARKS (Alt+0145, Alt+0146) and DOUBLE ones (Alt+0147, Alt+0148) for quotations within quotations.
    9. Titles of books to be in italics, and of articles in single quotation marks.
    10. References to Michael Polanyi's books by the usual abbreviations (PK, KB, etc) and do not give details of publication: they are always provided on the inside rear cover.

Thank you for your co-operation.
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